Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've recently discovered ArtFire.com, and I am very excited to be setting up my first ever online "studio" there! I have so much to learn... the crafting is the easy part, thank goodness!
I have searched for a long time, trying to find an online venue for my things that made me feel comfortable. Etsy didn't do it for me, and I wondered about just having a website of my own, but again, it wasn't right.
When I stumbled upon ArtFire, it seemed like this one might be the one for me. I hope I'm right!
I have a few things ready for sale, but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing re: shipping, returns, etc etc etc. I love to make things, and I pour my soul into everything I do, so it has to be right.
My youngest son, an unschooler (I've always disliked that term -- just sounds negative), is eager to help, and we are also going to try out our first christmas Craft Sale as vendors. Wonderful stuff -- can't wait!
Now, to sort through my fabrics, and try to pare down my list of things to make, lol.